Скотт Сирс и Ким Сирс

27-летний Скотт Сирс, брат супруги Энди Маррея Ким Сирс, стал самым молодым покорителем Южного Полюса.

Путешествие Скотта Сирса длилось пять недель, он прошел 700 миль по ледяным пустошам Антарктиды и дошел до Южного Полюса в Рождество, 25 декабря.

Британец прошел более 1100 километров в одиночку!

Скотт поздравил всех с Рождеством с Южного Полюса через свой аккаунт в Инстаграм.

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE SOUTH POLE! Absolutely chuffed to pieces. After 38 days, Bessie and I have made it the pole and officially broken the world record as the youngest person ever to have reached the south pole solo, unsupported and unassisted. “Solo” is incredibly misleading in regards to the people behind this expedition. Absolutely could not have done this without the help of my co presenting sponsors @theshackletoncompany and @juiceplus_uk . Both have been instrumental in equipping and preparing me for this expedition. • A huge thank you also goes to everyone at A1 pharmaceuticals, @ETI, @progresif_cellular , @scottdunn_travel and CHIME. • Thank you to my friends and family who have supported me through this expedition. It’s always a lot harder to watch someone you care about do something dangerous than actually do it yourself, I appreciate how difficult it must have been, especially for my family, so thank you for understanding (eventually!). Liv will be getting her own thank you post, no words for what she has done for me. • Thanks to Ant @zerosixzeromap for providing all the tracking. Very kind of him to take time away from being a CIA operative of some kind. • Food has obviously become an obsession for me on this trip and I genuinely could not have asked for better help than the guys @basecampfood . I was a customer before and will be again. All that grub was cooked in probably my most prized pieces of kit – my @GSI pot and cup. • The Susmans family business in Sussex also provided me with 8 kg worth of the most delicious droewors and biltong known to man. Thank you! • I’ve managed to fall asleep within about 2 minutes of my head hitting the mat for 38 days, that’s all thanks to @multimat. Huge fan of their products. • All 10 little piggies that went to the market will be coming back thanks to @intuitionliners and Baffin boots. • I managed to stay attached to my skis thanks to @voile bindings, as a person who can’t ski the chances of me destroying a set were high, they didn’t fail once. Thanks to @fischersports_alpine for their help as well, I battered those skis and they’ve survived! • More thank you’s in next post….!

Допис, поширений Scott Sears (@antarctic_gurkha)